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Visa application forms

Same application form is used to apply in the schengen countries represented by Embassy of Denmark in Kathmandu

In order to speed of the processing of visa application, applicants are encouraged to fill up visa self service online application form. Please visit the link for further information.

Schengen Visa Form

Visa self service online form is recommended to submit.
Please use this form only in exceptional cases. PDF or  MS Word
Please note: Applicants applying for Denmark should also submit a copy of Standard Invitation Form (VU1 or VU2) filled up and signed by the Host Person/Organization in Denmark .

Download the Invitation (only for Denmark)

Invitation for Visa Application         VU2: PDF  or  MSWord
Invitation for Official/Business Visit  VU1: PDF  or  MSWord

Applicants married to Danish citizens

Although the Visa Application Form states that "The questions marked with * do not have to be answered by family members of EU or EEA citizens" this does NOT apply to applicants who are married to Danish citizens. If you are married to a Danish citizen you MUST fill in these sections.