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Information on study permit application-ST1 and accompanying spouse to foreign student -FA8

Applications should normally be made in your home country or in the country where you are currently residing.

Please visit the website of the Danish Immigration Service for general information on residence and work permits for students. Further information about studying in Denmark is available at

Student must fill up ST1 form (Residence and Work permit for students) and accompanying family members should complete FA8 form (Application for residence and work permit for family members of a foreign national who is to work or study in Denmark).

Please read the guidelines on the front page "How to apply" before completing an application. Please note that the application process must be started by the educational institution in Denmark filling ST1 -Part 2. It should be attached with the applicants Part 1 of the ST1 form when the student applies at the Embassy.

The followings are required for a ST1  application:

Applicants must fill in 2 sets of application form ST1 form with two recent coloured photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm) (size of head 30-36 mm from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head). You must be facing the camera directly.

  1. All forms must be signed by applicant assuming full responsibility for all information provided.
  2. Invitation by the University in Denmark. In case of fellowship granted this should be mentioned
  3. Evidence of applicant's financial means
  4. Sponsor's source of income
  5. Foreign student who are enrolled at post - secondary education in Denmark must present documentation that they are able to pay the required tuition fee, as minimum the tuition fee for the first semester.
  6. Copy of all academic qualifications
  7. Photocopy of the applicant's passport and citizenship card (translated in English and attested by ministry of foreign affairs of Nepal)
  8. All the required documents are to be attested by the Government Authority. All the educational marksheet (transcript) should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal.
  9. A non refundable application fee should be paid at the time of submission of application.

>Application Form ST1

Warning for students
Denmark warmly welcomes Nepalese students to Denmark, and Danish educational institutions are increasingly popular among young Nepalese studying abroad.

The Embassy is aware that some agents with criminal intentions are misusing this interest for studying in Denmark. They try to lure students to apply for fake educational institutions in Denmark that do not exist or is not recognized. The Embassy is aware of an educational institution Denmark College of Management and IT (DCMIT), which is not a recognized educational institution.

Current information and names of all recognized Danish higher educational institutions can be found at If you are in doubt, you are welcome to contact the Embassy.

Student bringing his/her family
If you are accepted at a higher educational programme and are granted a residence permit for no less than three years, you can bring family members to Denmark. If you wish to bring your spouse/registered partner/cohabiting partner with you to Denmark, then he/she must submit his/her own FA8 application.

If you have children under the age of 18 who you also wish to bring to Denmark, information about the children can be included in your spouse's/partner's application.

The application form contains a detailed description of how your Spouse/partner should complete the form, and which documents he/she must attach:

> Application Form FA8

  1. Invitation from reference person in Denmark.
  2. Confirmation from the college about his/her status of being a student
  3. Copy of reference person's residence status in Denmark
  4. Reference person's bank statement
  5. Marriage Certificate must be translated in English and should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal.(The Embassy only recognizes Marriage certificate registered with Chief District Officer's Office. We kindly request you to registere your marriage with CDO office
  6. Evidence of applicant's financial means for payment of ticket and maintenance in Denmark
  7. Photocopy of the applicant's passport and citizenship card (translated in English and attested by the authority)
  8. A non refundable application fee should be paid at the time of submission of the application.