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Residence permit application fee

Residence permit applicant applying for Denmark must pay fee to Danish Immigration Service before they hand in their application.

Please note that from 01 Jan 2011, applicant applying for Residence Permint for Denmark must pay to Danish Immigration Service before they hand in an application at the Embassy.  A copy of confirmation of Payment made to the DIS should attached with the application. Please visit for further information on payment procedure.

Residence Permit application fee for Denmark and Norway for the Embassy as per 15 Jun 2013 is NPR 22,650.00 per passport and should be paid in Nepalese Currency at the time of submission of Residence Permit Application.

Note: The permit fee is non-refundable in case the visa/residence permit is refused or withdrawn by an applicant.

Beside the permit processing fee for the Embassy. Applicant also needs to pay VFS service charge. Kindly check with VFS Global regarding their service charge. Call +977 18000910119 (Toll-Free number)
Alternative number: +9779824903641