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Information regarding closing down of the Embassy of Denmark

The Government of Denmark have proposed a new finance bill for 2016 where it has been decided that Danish development cooperation with Nepal will be phased out once the current programmes have been implemented over the coming years. Consequently, the Embassy of Denmark in Nepal will be gradually reduced and officially closed by the end of October 2017.

The phasing out process will take time and be organised in a responsible manner, which means that applying for Schengen Visa and resident permits including interviews will still take place in Kathmandu. See the change of issuance locations and dates for when changes will become effective here:

  • As per 1st of August 2017, visa issuance for travellers going to Denmark and Sweden will take place at the Swedish Embassy in New Delhi.
  • As per 1st of September 2017, issuance of visa and resident permits going to Norway will take place at the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi.
  • As per 1st of September 2017, issuance of resident permits to Denmark will take place at the Danish Embassy in New Delhi.


A note on when to apply for visa and resident permits

If you are going to Sweden or Denmark on a Schengen visa after the 20th of August apply after 1st of August. If you are applying for resident permit in Denmark or going to Norway after the 20th of September and applying for a Schengen visa or resident permit apply after 1st of September.

All applications shall be handed in and collected at the Visa Application Centre in Patan operated by VFS Global. For more visa information visit: