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Strategies and guidelines

Denmark’s Engagement in Nepal adheres to specific strategies and guidelines for your reference below.

Human rights represent a core value in our partnership with Nepal, and it is of significant importance for Denmark to ensure Nepali ownership and empowerment in all of our programmes.  In addition, the principles of non-discrimination, participation, transparency and accountability will be integrated in all aspects of our policy dialogue and development cooperation. The risk of corruption is high in Nepal, and Denmark strongly advocate the Government of Nepal to fight against corruption in order to further pave the way towards healthy economic growth and better opportunities for the population. 
Moreover, it is a priority to harmonise Denmark’s engagement in Nepal with other development partners; such as the EU, the UN, international financial institutions, and other countries that contributes with development assistance in order to reach the best results.  


Denmark-Nepal Country Policy Paper 2013-2017
In this folder you can read about the overall challenges, opportunities and risks in Nepal, and the Danish Partnership with Nepal. In addition planned actions and expected results is also to be found in this folder.                                                                                                                                                                              

Basic operating guidelines  

Operating guidelines agreed upon by international development partners and the United Nations in Nepal

Extended interim strategy 
The Danish strategy for development assistance in Nepal
Aid management guidelines set by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nepal Peace and Development Strategy
A contribution to development planning from Nepal's international development partners                                                                                                                       

The World 2030 (in Danish)

Denmark's strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action - find Danish version in the link above and English version is available in link below.

The World 2030 (in English)