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Peace, Rights and Governance

Denmark has supported the peace process, human rights and good governance in Nepal since the early 1990s. Today, Nepal is still one of the least developed countries in the world and is facing democratic and human rights issues. The Peace, Rights and Governance Programme is aimed to foster social cohesion and to improving access to justice and public services in rural areas, and thereby help Nepal ensure political stability and peace. 

Time Frame: 2014-2018

Budget:  DKK 200 million  


Local Governance

We support local government institutions and civil society organisations nationwide in order to improve local service delivery, such as access to health care, citizenship- and birth registration. We contribute to the empowerment of citizens and to their participatory engagement in order for them to be able to hold their local government actors responsible.   


Access to Justice and Human Rights

We work from a human rights based approach and support organisations that empower marginalised communities to demand access to education, access to justice and non-discriminatory behaviour from government officials. We also support national institutions to ensure that human rights are protected and respected in accordance with international obligations and norms. The aim is to develop a more accessible justice system and better regulated alternative dispute resolution system. 

Peacebuilding and Democratic Development

We engage in dialogue with the Government of Nepal, political parties, and civil society on challenges and opportunities of consolidating peace in Nepal. Denmark urge all partners to show flexibility and willingness to compromise in order to build trust and forge consensus across the political divide to ensure that the peace process will be brought to a successful conclusion.


Implementing agencies: Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD), National Human Rights Commission, Supreme Court, Ministry of Law and Justice, Kathmandu School of Law and Governance Facility.

Responsible desk officers at the Danish Embassy:

Marie Thrane


Manju Lama


Mohan Lal Acharya





Responsible desk officer at the Danish Embassy:

Marie Thrane


Manju Lama


Mohan Lal Acharya