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The Danish supported Education Programme has ended in December 2013. Please click below to see the two videos about education in Nepal.

The Blind Student - Prabeg

Prabeg is a 9th grade student. He is blind and lives at a school together with other blind students. Support from Danida has increased the number of disabled children in the Nepalese schools. That has a positive impact on the way society looks upon disabled groups in general.
Prabeg’s future is full of dreams and thanks to the support from Danida some of them might come true a lot easier today than they would have 15 years ago.

Watch the video here


The Nepalese School Girls

Anita Dhital is a 9th grade student. She is 14 years old and dreams of becoming a doctor. Salina Hamal is 23 years old and studies to become a nurse. Both girls come from poor families. Traditionally education to girls was considered as lost labour in the family. But support from Danida has helped to change this. The number of Nepalese girls graduating from 10th grade has almost doubled since 2003.

Watch the video here

Responsible desk officer at the Danish Embassy:

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