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Danida Business Partnership

The purpose of the programme is to develop business collaboration between Danish and Nepali companies beneficial to both countries. Danish companies are given financial support when starting responsible businesses in Nepal that address local development needs and contribute to sustainable growth and employment.


Out-phasing of the Danida Business Partnerships Facility 

The Danida Business Partnerships Facility is being phased-out. Therefore it is not possible to grant new commitments within this facility.
Ongoing Partnerships will continue as planned. Under Toolboxes it is possible to find forms needed for the partners' implementation of their partnerships including in relation to progress and completion reports, reimbursement claims and irregularity forms.
There are separate toolboxes for the Business-to-Business Programme (B2B) and Danida Business Partnerships  (DBP) for partnerships approved in 2011-2012 and after 2013 respectively.

Background for the close of the Danida Business Partnerships Facility
In 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs carried out an evaluation of the former business instrument Business to Business Programme (B2B). The evaluation concluded that B2B and its successor Danida Business Partnerships have contributed to technology transfer and have been levering Danish companies to engage commercially in growth and developing countries, but that the facilities in an overall perspective have not had sufficient impact on employment and sustainable growth in the countries.  The evaluation also questioned the instrument’s compatibility with the EU state aid rules. Against this background it was decided in November 2014 to put the Danida Business Partnerships facility on hold.
Link to the Evaluation Report for the Business-to-Business Programme 2006-2011.


Responsible desk officer at the Danish Embassy:
Aayush Rai 



Business Opportunity Profile - Nepal