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Denmark’s development cooperation aims to contribute to reducing poverty in some of the poorest countries in the world and helping people to take charge of their own lives. Denmark’s engagement is based on partnerships with actors who can and wish to create change. The development cooperation is mainly focused on a number of priority countries with whom Denmark has a long-term strategic partnership – Nepal is one of them. Denmark aims to assist Nepal in the present challenges of ensuring stability and peace and reducing poverty.  


For more information about Denmark’s development cooperation in general, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark’s webpage:

Danish development assistance to Nepal

Nepal became a priority country in 1989 and a long-term partnership was established. Through this partnership, Denmark aims to contribute to poverty reduction, political stability and to strengthen inclusive economic growth and access to renewable energy. The Danish Development Policy and the Extension for the Interim Strategy 2008-2010 outline the framework for Denmark’s assistance to Nepal. A new policy paper for the partnership between Denmark and Nepal will be publiched in 2013. Denmark provides approx. USD 35 million in development assistance to Nepal a year, supplemented by the cooperation of, among others, Danish civil society, private sector, cultural institutions and education and research institutions with Nepali partners.

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Cooperation and coordination with Nepal

A wide range of types and instruments of development assistance ensure that Denmark is able to contribute with flexible and comprehensive development cooperation. It is a Danish priority to promote integration and alignment of the development assistance with national structures and priorities. Hence, the Danish development assistance in Nepal is based on Nepal’s own priorities and development strategies.

Also, harmonisation with other donors' assistance is important. Donor coordination in Nepal is operating effectively and Denmark is an active participant in the country's main donor coordination mechanisms. The international development partners have outlined a Peace and Development Strategy, which complements Nepal’s own development plan and aims at harmonizing and aligning support in line with the Paris, Accra and Busan declarations and action plans.

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